Advanced reservations are required (5 days in advance prefered. Shorter notice possible but call or email to inquire).

Boarding services must be paid in advance. For reservations, please inquire.

Boarding with Mutts n Pups Daycare takes place at our personal home and daycare facility. Your dog will benefit from a kennel free environment while playing in an indoor area as well as a fully fenced dog yard with lots of fresh air and unlimited playtime. Space permitting, your dog will have the opportunity to roam freely in our home like he/she was in your own home...basically OUR HOME is your DOGS HOME AWAY FROM HOME!


Mon-Thurs: 55$/day

2nd dog same home: ... $45 for 2nd dog

3rd dog same home: ...$35 for 3rd dog


Fri- Sun: $65/day

2nd dog same home: ... $55 for 2nd dog

3rd dog same home: ...$45 for 3rd dog

(Special Holidays and holiday weekends, additional fee applies. Please inquire with us)

Drop-off and pick-up:


Monday-Friday between 7am-6pm at the daycare.

Weekend drop offs are by appointment only. Advanced booking required.


This can vary therefore pick-up will be discussed upon drop-off.

Special holiday and long weekends...3 day minimum boarding. Drop off on last daycare business day and pick up at Daycare on first day of business.

Dog boarding requirements:

  • Vaccination papers with valid vaccination shots. Required: Rabies, Bordetella and DHPP. (Please make sure you look at the expiration dates for each vaccines)

  • Emergency number contacts and any detailed instructions for your dog

  • Medication with CLEAR administration instructions

  • The signing of a waiver will be required for boarding

  • Bring food and your dog's food bowl

  • Bring a leash/harness or anything you feel your dog may need

  • Bed/blanket (optional)